Cat Fanciers of British Columbia

About Our Club

Cat Fanciers of British Columbia is a Pacific Northwest cat club. Although we are based in Canada, we have members on both sides of the border.

Cat Fanciers of BC was founded in 1957 and was initially affiliated with the American Cat Fanciers Association. Their first show was held in 1958. In June 1979 The International Cat Association (TICA) was formed, and the club changed its affiliation to TICA.

CF of BC usually holds two shows a year: early spring (March) and late summer (August).

A percentage of the proceeds from every show is donated to a local cat rescue organization.

Officers & Members

Our officers & members for the current show year are:

Susan Marshall - President
Gillian Huber - Vice President/ Secretary

Graham Marshall - Director
Beth Ritland - Director
Karen Ruskey - Director

Fred Barrett - Member
 Julie Hillsden - Member
Shirley and Jeff Byington - Members
Kayla Irmscher - Member
Carol McGannon - Member
Cornelia Schofield  - Member
Lesley & David Grainger - Member
Charlene Smythe - Member
Aniko Vig - Member
Joanne Thibault  - Member
Lana Frantsishko - Member
  Lucy Robinson - Member

John Burch - Honorary Lifetime Member Deceased
Bonnie & Peter Bouwman  - Honorary Lifetime Member  Deceased